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Class Communications

Printed NoticePrint/Mail:


Printed documents, ready to be folded and inserted. Variations of documents organized by colored sheets.


youhavemail Email:

Our inhouse datacenter hosts several email for sending notices and communicaton by email, and processing and logging bounced emails. Below is a screen shot from one of our email servers, showing typical ways that we monitor the email transmission.

Email console screen


We have the facilities to transmit your notice and communications by fax. Hundreds or tens of thousands, they will go out in a timely fashion.

call center Call Center:

With the experience of owning two telephone companies and a call center, we can setup and manage class member inquiries in a cost effective manner.

website Custom Website:

Our datacenter also contains web servers and database servers, allowing us to host a custom website for your class members to download documents such as copies of the notices, opt-in and opt-out forms, and the ability to submit the forms online.

Additionally, our lawfirm customers can log into a secure website to access the up to date status of each class member such as when the notice was mailed, whether or not the notice was returned as undeliverable, any opt-in or opt-out status, and if a claim form has been submitted, with a link to a scanned version of the completed claim form.

facebookfacebookfacebook Social Marketing: Facebook, etc:

We can setup documents on facebook, google plus, and other social media.

facebook Publishing in Periodicals:

Need to publish a notice in a newspaper or periodical? Let Chicago Mailing Service arrange for this.