Class Action Mailing and Administration

Database Services

Database of Class Members
  • Merge Multiple Lists
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Verify Addresses
  • USPS Move Update

Notification & Communication

  • Print/Mail: Design/Print/Process mail pieces to minimize print and postage costs
  • Email: Mail servers to accommodate 1,000 to 10 million email addresses
  • Other Options: Custom Website, Fax, Facebook, Call Center, Media Ad (newspapers, etc.)

Response & Claim Processing

  • Daily PO Box collection
  • Record undeliverable USPS mail and emails
  • Process paper and on-line claim forms
  • Update database for opt-in, opt-out

Reports & Documentation

  • Secure, on-line access to class database
  • Easily Generated standard reports
  • Proof of Mailing, Emailing
  • Scanned and archived claim forms