A division of Waterloo Engineering Group, LLC, owned by Dan Waterloo.


Has evolved from our first laser printer and folder and envelope inserting machine, in the basement of my house, to a 6700 sq. ft. industrial building, housing industrial grade printers, folders, mailing machinery, our own datacenter with email and web servers, etc. Currently providing print and mailing services, (bulk) email services, web based databases.


In Melrose Park, IL, just 10 miles west of downtown Chicago. This is our 6th location in over 25 years of our existence.

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Originally created for in-house mailings of marketing pieces to our engineering clients. As customers asked for various services, we’ve expanded our offerings to meet the needs of our clients and prospects.


The enterprise was started in 1991 as a part time endeavor, and in December 1993 it became a full time occupation. In 1996 we received our first mailing permit from the USPS.