Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to communicate my needs to Chicago Mailing Service?

The best way to communicate while defining the project is by telephone, and possibly with an in-person consultation. We suggest ways to lower the overall class communication costs.

When in production, we usually communicate by email, unless the client prefers another way.

I want to use in-house resources for our notice, can I use Chicago Mailing Service for the tasks that I cannot or don’t want to do in-house?

Absolutely! After understanding your needs, we will configure a selection of services to meet your requirements. We strive to be easy to work with, and to provide the highest quality services.

What is the cost to mail a class notice?

This varies from notice to notice. The cost has several components: printing, mailing services, and outgoing postage.

The printing is based on the length of the notice, (i.e. 6 pages, etc.), quantity, and how it would be processed: inserted into an envelope, or self folded mailers that are taped closed, or a postcard that refers a class member to a website. Since the cost varies so much, once we understand the variables, we can provide an accurate quote.

The mailing service is related to complexity of the mailpiece, requirements for matching the various pieces, and how the mailpiece is produced, such as inserted into an envelope, or a self mailer, etc.

For postage costs, the mailpiece can be sent either by First Class mail, or Standard mail. We reduce postage costs through a USPS program called “workshare discounts”. This can provide a postage savings of between 5 to 20 cents per piece.

Can you process the returns for me, document and log the data?

Yes! Typical services provided include logging all returned notices due to bad addresses, updating the database records for those individuals, and opening, scanning and processing all kinds of forms and communication, scanning and providing electronic versions for the customer.